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Please submit a contribution via the official conference manuscript management system by use of the link "Submit a contribution to MIM 2013".


Please, prepare an electronic version of your paper according to the following Style and Format.

The Paper should be prepared according to the IFAC LaTeX file: The package for IFAC papers consists of the following files:

  • The ifacconf.cls class style file for papers
  • The ifacconf.tex sample paper file
  • Some auxiliary files

Other than the sample file, there is no specific instruction on how to use the ifacconf.cls document class. Moreover, several requirements on the pdf files and the style of the manuscript are imposed. Briefly,

  • PDF version 1.4 or less
  • All fonts must be embedded in the file. Subsetting fonts is recommended
  • Bitmap (type 3) fonts are not allowed
  • Fonts that require non-English language support (e.g. CJK fonts) are not allowed
  • The file must contain searchable code. Scanned files are not acceptable
  • The document must not have any password protection
  • The document must not have any links or bookmarks
  • The number of pages and the file size must satisfy the conference requirements: 6 pages, 2 MB

For Authors using Microsoft Word the compressed file is available containing the following files:

  • The ifaconf.doc file, which can be used as a template for IFAC paper files
  • The ifaconf_sample_office PDF file

More details, instructions and template files for IFAC papers can be found here:


All the paper submissions should be carried out through the official conference manuscript management system: by use of the link "Submit a contribution to MIM 2013".

Please take into account the available option of automatic PDF Conversion: If you are preparing your file using MS-Word or LaTeX, the system can convert your file to Xplore PDF compliant file automatically. At the point when you are asked to upload your file, instead of already created PDF file, you can

  • MS-Word: Upload your MS-Word file in the required form, the PDF file will be created for you. Please inspect the file and if margins are within prescribed gray background, you can simply click on Submit button to deposit your file.
    Make sure that the path to your MS-Word file or its name does not contain non-ASCII characters.

  • LaTeX1: Upload your LaTeX source file together will all images, style files in a SINGLE zip archive. The main LaTeX file must be called root.tex. Make sure that the path to your zip file or its name does not contain non-ASCII characters.
1 Documents prepared using "Scientific Workplace" or "Scientific Word" are not supported.

Templates for MS-Word as well as LaTeX can be downloaded from IFAC website here.


Papers submitted to a special session, are those that focus on the topics of an announced special session (authors auto decide). For a submission of this type, please use the "invited paper" option in the submission system, and the code of the corresponding Session (see

Regular papers and those submitted to special session are considered in the same manner during the peer review process which is independent from the organizers of the sessions.

Indeed, the special sessions are organized to enhance some particulars topics. These sessions are open to any participant (not limited to only those already invited by the session chairman).


The final paper submission will be opened on March 11 to April 15, 2013. Before the final paper submission, at least one of the paper authors is to be registered with the full or student (if applicable) registration fee. The full registration fee enables upload of any number of papers of the registered author, while the student registration fee enables upload of one paper of the author registered as a student.

Please note that reviewers' comments and associate editor's summary are attached herewith, and can also be accessed by logging into your account and following the link for reviews for this contribution at

It is important that any critical comments therein are adequately addressed before the final paper is submitted.

Note the following VERY IMPORTANT issues when submitting your final manuscript:

1. PDF Quality - since all MIM '2013 will be archived on the IFAC-PapersOnLine, the uploaded PDF files must be:

a) Searchable (you can test this by using the search function of Acrobat reader)

b) Must have all fonts embedded and subset.

You will not be able to upload your files without meeting the criteria in the above. We relaxed these requirements for the initial submission, but they will be strictly enforced at the final submission. Please test your PDF file using

2. Reference List - in order to make your manuscripts more widely referenced, along with the PDF file, you are also required to upload references from your manuscripts as a text file. References can be simply copied and pasted from your search able PDF file into a plain text file and uploaded to the system as a part of your final submission process.

3. Copyright Form - as a step in your paper upload process, you will be required to electronically transfer the copyright of your manuscript to the IFAC. You do not need to submit a separate copyright form.

4. Registration Fee - The advertised Conference's policy requires that at least one of the authors of a manuscript must have paid the registration fee for the final upload.

The registration is opened on February 21, 2013 at

In addition, please notice that all papers have page limits of 6 pages, and no exceptions may be provided.

Electronic submission of the final version of your manuscript is due by April 15, 2013 through

The final submission process also requires that you update the abstract and make any final changes to the author list and title before uploading. Any authors not updated on the submission site will not be included in the final program of the Conference.

Electronic submission for final contributions is scheduled to open February 21, 2013. Detailed instructions regarding:

a) registration are available at the menu "Registration" of the Conference web-site


b) preparation of the final version of contributions are available at

Please also consult the Conference website as a whole for further updates about the Conference.


The material submitted for presentation at an IFAC meeting (Congress, Symposium, Conference, Workshop) must be original, not published or being considered elsewhere. All papers included in the program will be distributed to the participants. Proceedings of the IFAC Congress, Symposia, Conferences and Workshops will be hosted on-line on the website. The presented papers will be further screened for possible publication in the IFAC Journals (Automatica, Control Engineering Practice, Annual Reviews in Control, Journal of Process Control, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, and Mechatronics), or in IFAC affiliated journals. All papers presented will be recorded as an IFAC Publication.

Copyright of material presented at an IFAC meeting is held by IFAC. Authors will be required to transfer copyright electronically and/or in hard copy. The IFAC Journals and, after these, IFAC affiliated journals have priority access to all contributions presented. However, if the author is not contacted by an editor of these journals, within three months after the meeting, he/she is free to submit an expanded version of the presented material for journal publication elsewhere. In this case, the paper must carry a reference to the IFAC meeting where it was originally presented and, if the paper has appeared on the website, also a reference to this publication.


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